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Liaocheng Yantong Precision Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd.is located in Beihuan Industrial Park, Yandian Town, Linqing City, China. The company was founded in 2005 with a registered trademark of "Beijing Yantong". For more than ten years, "Beijing Yantong" has been focusing on the research and development and production of high-end motor bearingsThe products are selected from domestic top quality steel, Z4 group G10 high precision steel ball, bainite quenching, and high precision CNC grinding machine. In the field of bearing design, manufacturing, maintenance and technical services, we can not only provide professional advice to customers during the selection phase. For each industry of motor bearings, we have professional engineers who know all aspects of bearing application in this industry.

We are proficient in the installation and disassembly of high-efficiency motor bearings to adjust procedures, bearing detection, bearing damage analysis and other capabilities. In order to provide high-quality, safe and reliable products, strictly in accordance with NSK technology and technology, in order to maximize the quality of motor bearings, the use of the most advanced testing equipment such as vibrometer, roundness, contour, roughness, etc. convoy. The accuracy of the product reaches the P5 level international standard, and the vibration noise reaches the level of ZV2, ZV3 or above. It has a strong competitive advantage and can meet the needs of various motors. In order to eliminate the abnormal noise of the motor bearing and improve the cleanliness of the bearing, the ultrasonic ferrule cleaning machine, ultrasonic bearing positioning cleaning machine and other equipment are introduced, and the filtering accuracy reaches 1 μm. He has accumulated rich experience in product manufacturing, testing, research and development, application and technical services. Products are widely used in motors, fans, air compressors, elevators, water pumps and other industries that require high-precision bearings. We produce 60 62 63 64 series, open ZZ 2RZ and other V-groove double sealed motor bearings and new energy motor bearings. The products have the characteristics of low noise, high accuracy, high speed, wear resistance and long service life. Some have reached the requirements of the same machine and the same life according to customer requirements.
      The company always adheres to the market concept of best quality, reasonable price, equal quality, and best service to serve new and old customers. In order to pursue zero defect products, unqualified products are prohibited from flowing into the next process, and strict quality inspection and other quality concepts before leaving the factory ensure that each set of products meets national testing standards. Beiyantong continues to increase its equipment transformation and technological innovation capabilities. ISO / 9001: 2015 quality management system certification was introduced, and the management system was fully implemented to provide a strong guarantee for continuous improvement of the enterprise.
     The company always adhering to the "artisan spirit, dedicated and trustworthy purpose, high-quality engineer team also has deep insights into the latest development trends of the industry, and continues to actively explore the most innovative industry solutions. We will be committed to the long-term development of the motor industry, relying on The strong technical strength serves new and old customers, allowing the Beiyantong brand to travel throughout the country, to the world, and to win glory for the country.