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Company culture

Business Vision

Become a leading motor bearing company in Shandong Province by 2022

Our Mission

Promote Chinese bearing industry into a world power struggle for life

Mission statement

To provide customers with bearings that can replace imported quality

Customers achieve a competitive advantage in the local high-end market;

For employees-create maximum growth and promotion space

For executives-realizing shareholder dreams

 For society-do your best to help those in need.

Corporate philosophy

Entrepreneurial philosophy: Perceptualness makes you move forward, rationality makes you stable, no failure, only giving up.

Action concept: Active victory over passive, speed wins time.

Working philosophy: Do the right thing seriously, do good things with heart, and work harder than with heart.

Quality concept: improve self with standards, build products with character.

Survival philosophy: Pursuing a hundred times in times of adversity, 10,000 times in times of adversity.

Human concept: gather people with heart for heart, get heart for heart.